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A writer’s walk

Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk !!!

I am walking from Ghateekhulo to all the way up to Baneshowr, time is 7 at night and it’s completely dark out here because it is November.

Today I want to try out something different. Something I love. That love is explaining everything that is around me.

I have been learning science since third year of my life till today when I am seventeen, so that means I should be able to explain things around me pretty well with respect to science.

There is a TATA Nano on the road, It is being driven. How does that thing move ???

Well I know the answer, Fuel is being combusted in the engine chamber and energy that is derived is being used to drive that car.

That bicycle parked is a mountain bike, Wow! a lovely bicycle. How does that work??

Well the rider applies force on the pedals which is connected to a small circumference that has a chain linked to it which further pulls the circumference of small cylinder in the wheel, as a result wheel rotates and bicycle moves.

” Nothing lasts forever, even cold November Rain….” really beautiful song. I am hearing it because my mobile is generating digital signals of the song being transferred to my earphone, then my earphone converts that in analog by electromagnet present in its earpiece.

I feel proud of myself, so far I have been able to explain everything around me in terms of science. I can explain how this very mobile I am typing is working, how the very clothes I am wearing were made, literally everything.

Now, I have reached SingaDurbar on the walk.

There are dogs barking on the alley that leads to Mandala. Those dogs are really far but why am I hearing their angry barks. Answer is their vocal chords produces vibration that brings out the noise from their mouth, which is in form of waves, then those waves travel through a medium, here which is air and reach my ears, so ultimately I hear them.

Just to make things interesting, I am going to ask a person the way to baneshowr from here.

To my amazement she did not knew the way as she was new in the town.

I know the way because I have knowledge of it, she does not knows the way because she has no knowledge of it so I can interpret my knowledge of ways of getting to baneshowr and she will accept whatever I tell her.

Same things goes with religion, textbooks, theories and concepts. We are interpreted the knowledge of these things by priests, teachers, philosophers and others. We accept whatever is given to us by these people simply because we do not have sufficient knowledge of our own on these topics. This is the very reason why the world is gaining followers rather than leaders. We must venture to go out and find the knowledge by ourselves.

Well my walk continues …

So far I have reached Anamnagar

On my right there is a big building meant for living of a rich man. He has a small family yet he has three storey house and in which he has extra rooms for eating and resting. On my left there is this one storey hut thatched with tin, as I glance inside, there are 7 people in the same hut which is of just one room. I can’t explain why the person next side has extra rooms for nothing and on this side has not even enough room for himself. To be honest I can’t explain it. That is how the society where I live in is working. Perhaps they do not know that they are entirely made up of same matters that came out as a result of bigbang.

This is society, let me return back to science now.

Finally I am here at Baneshowr and crossing the road. From the another side of the road somebody just waved me, I know person so I waved him back. Wait, hold on, how do I even know that person when I forget the definitions i learnt today morning twice. Well it is because that person has a emotional memory built up in my mind, I have memories with that person so my mind knows him even when I see him even after a month. But those definitions they ain’t my emotion, They are my tension. I mug off them to write down in my final exams and then it’s all over. I don’t even need to remember them again for the exams of next year as there are another bunch of definitions to replace them.

On this one hour walk, so far I have been able to explain most of the things that I see around to myself. I have explanation for why that wall at Thapagaun’s political writing is in Red color actually is red. I have explanation why these colorful lights in Banquet emit such different color. I feel proud of myself.

But wait throughout this walk I was just focusing on left and right direction. What if I look above ???

All the proud feeling is now gone. I know nothing. Nothing about what I am beneath. The ” UNIVERSE”. I may be able to explain something around me but that does not even matters, because I know nothing of what I came from, how it all begin. My knowledge now is trillion zeros after the decimal and then finally followed by one.

The biggest mystery is always above us rather than around us. There are seven billion minds in this world and if they all start caring about their origin, then they will care about the present and the future.

So whenever you feel depressed, stressed, etc do one thing. Just look up and see the beauty of universe and tell yourself the matters that makes up that brightest star in the sky is also the same matter that you are made up of. So why can’t you shine like it ????

As I am texting all these things, people around the street are looking me with a negative gesture, must be because they are thinking that I am like the other guys who keeps on texting and chatting with headphone on even when they are on the street. Some might even term me as mad. If mad is the correct word, Yes I am mad because some people are born with madness to EXPRESS.

By Sachin Dangi (ASC 2016 Participant)

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