Dan Shechtman inspires young scientists in Nepal

I, on the behalf of the Asian Science Camp Alumni Association, have hosted an event “Interactive Session with Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr. Dan Schechtman” in a collaboration with the International Quasi Crystal Conference and Embassy of Israel In Nepal on 19th September 2016, at the Hotel Soltee Crown Plaza, in Kathmandu, Nepal. The hall of Hotel […]

Looking back at Asian Science Camp – 2016

Few months before six delegates of Nepal were selected for Asian Science Camp ( ASC ) 2016 by CV analysis , essay submission and interview. Nepal has been sending it’s delegates in ASC since 2009. This year Sachin Dangi, Aasish Poudel , Prince Agarwal , Bishnu Bhatta , Shrutee Gupta and Sanskar Maratha were selected […]

Multi-wavelength Astronomy

What is multi-wavelength astronomy? Multi-wavelength astronomy is an essential part of astronomy, which deals with observing distant and near objects alike with radiations of different wavelengths to perceive a complete picture of that both in physical aspect and in informational aspect. Each type of light provides us with some unique information, so we collect information […]

My Scientific journey to Japan

“In scientific research, we go to entirely new area in finding something new. So, the students have to be creative. But, if you want to be creative you want to be different. And, if you want to be different, you have to have courage.” lines full of inspiration, well said by Dr. Yuan T . […]

Life Changing Experience of ASC 2013

It feels really great to participate in any international program and if the program gives you a platform to meet Nobel Laureates in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and young scientists from all over Asia the joy and excitement increases by ten folds, same happened in case of mine. Asian Science Camp brought together […]

Beyond Science

The opportunity to represent one’s country in the international arena is an enormous privilege and responsibility. As part of a team chosen to represent Nepal in the Asian Science Camp which took place in Tsukuba, Japan, from August 25 to 30, I was fortunate to be among the 200 science students handpicked from Asian high […]