My expectations from Asian Science Camp 2016

As a student, learning is my religion. Science, it is a name of the change that oriented me to pursue a better career in my life. So, learning science through an inspiring and interactive environment with Nobel Laureates and world renowned scientists is my biggest expectation from Asian Science Camp. Apart from this, my expectation is the consideration of every promising science student as young scientist of the fourth generation by giving priority to their science ideology which provides the assurance of a better world. Extensive discussion between learned and learners can broaden the perception about science and scientific knowledge.

Every science student has got some aspiration in science. That hope raises curiosity which further becomes his/her dream in life. As far as I am concerned with, Asian Science Camp is an interesting program which aims to enlighten science-talented youths and motivates them to be a milestone in the world of science. So, my expectation from Asian Science Camp is to portray that dream from imagination into reality. This inspiring moment is really expected to sketch the creativity of little beginners in science.

When the technology of this era has become successful in globalizing the world, getting oneself updated about the principles and deeds of noble scholars is not a matter to worry. However, its effect ceases to exist for longer period in contrast to the direct interaction, which is supposed to be the best means of learning about them; this is the ideology  co-proposed by Yuan Tseh Lee and Masatoshi Koshiba  in 2005 Nobel Laureate Meetings at Lindau. Getting me in their touch with such personalities is my greatest expectation.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up”. –Pablo Picasso. Of course, everyone is familiar with it. Every science student fabricates a beautiful world of science when he is a child. But that imagination cannot mould into his real life and thus, remains as a dream until he is inspired and motivated. Therefore, I expect Asian Science Camp to fill the light of hopes in those young scientists to get ready and raise themselves as a great scientist. He/she would have a great starting after enrolling in Asian Science Camp and pursue lifelong passion for science.

I know, science itself, raises millions of question which are to be answered. Pretty sure I am not an exception to fall in. So, I expect Asian Science Camp to promote scientific discussions which answers the queries of junior scientists through direct interactions between the laureates and the young researchers.

Only the few lucky ones get chance to participate in this program while there are thousands of other science aspirators. The lucky ones should preach the knowledge acquired from the event to these crazy ones. I hope that after returning from Asian Science Camp my experience would provide them a thrilling experience of science enabling them to understand the real spirit of science. So I expect not only the program but also its impact too.

I expect Asian science camp as not only a program but also a podium where past and present of science are analyzed and future is predicted. Science has been proving itself as a menace to this era, where it is termed as a “curse”. Thus, as a science student I expect extensive discussion on this fact and possible remedies to make it a boon for this generation.

Expectations are infinite; millions of them exist. Every imagination of science promising student must get a proper guideline to make it practical, accompanied with the face to face interaction of the inspirational Noble erudite. The ideas of these people must be able to pacify the curiosity of the young minds. Finally, the Asian Science Camp must be able to prove itself effective not only as a conference but also as a designing committee that makes plans possible to be implemented for the betterment of this world; this is my expectation and hope my expectation would metamorphoses into happenings.

When I learn Physics, sometimes I think on my own. That independent thinking takes me further deep into concept and theories, which I normally hesitate to share to those who have not been through such independent task. So, sharing that with Nobel Laureates would be my finest experience. Their consideration will inspire me to go further. Also, it can deepen me enough, that one day I can be like them.

So, you don’t need anything special. Even don’t worry if you think you’re not talented. Just remember your interest is what counts to make impression. And, it will pave your path further. You might get your interest becoming passion. Then you work may contribute and get a difference. That’s it. I was selected in Asian Science Camp by this factor.

By Prince Agrawal (ASC 2016 Participant)

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