The Gift of Science

It is not hard to imagine how badly we would suffer in the absence of electronics, radio, TV, vehicles, telephone, and other equipment of daily use, that are gifted by science.

One could wonder how miraculously scientific equipments function to fulfill human needs. Internet has given undreamed access to learners.

So many Nepalese students can sit for exams conducted from abroad by foreign boards, through e-mail.

In ancient times, people had to suffer from the vagaries of weather and the far greater attack of diseases. A leper was left outside the city walls to live as long as he could and then to die. The great plague of London (1665) people left their plague stricken relatives to die and ran away to save their own lives. The operation of patients was so painful that more victims died on the table.

And now ! Congratulations to us ! We are in the era of pleasure and comfort. Vaccination, injections of many kinds as also by micro-surgery and ultra-sonic treatment and transplantation of limbs and organs.

Speaking computers have been designed for blind people. Now a days e-health is also getting popular. Using computer internet, patients in Nepal can get specialist help from throughout the world.

Major surgical operation to mend or replace very sensitive parts or organs in the heart and brain have been possible.

Technology have developed to detect and remove stones from various organs of body through endoscopic surgery or keyhole surgery, without understanding surgical operations. Agriculture has been extensively mechanized. Large ships with millions of tons of cargoes can travel a distance of thousands of miles away. Space tourism is likely to become more accessible in near future.

See, Life has been Awesome !!! So feel lucky and accept the gift of science but never ever misuse it, or the gift can turn to a disaster.

By Shrutee Gupta (ASC 2016 Participant)

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