World Science Conference – Israel (WSCI), to be held in Jerusalem, Israel. Initiated by Nobel Laureate Prof. Roger Kornberg (USA), in collaboration with the Hebrew University, the Ministry of Science and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the state of Israel, The WSCI will bring young students from all around the world for an intensive five day program. During the conference the participants will have a chance to attend lectures, to interact, and to be inspired by 20 Nobel Laureates and other leading scientists from around the world. The students will also experience a unique opportunity to meet and get to know some 300 bright students from five continents all around the globe, among them, probably included some of the next generation leading scientists.


The WSCI will take place on August 15th-20th, 2015 at the Edmond J. Safra campus of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel. Among the lecturers are the following Nobel Laureates:

  1. Zhores I. Allferov (Physics 2000)
  2. Sidney Altman (Chemistry, 1989)
  3. Robert J. Aumann (Economic Sciences 2005)
  4. Elizabeth H. Blackburn (Physiology/Medicine 2009)
  5. Aaron Chiechanover (Chemistry, 2004)
  6. Steven Chu (Physics 1997)
  7. Sheldon L. Glashow (Physics 1979)
  8. David J. Gross (Physics 2004)
  9. Roger D. Kornberg (Chemistry 2006)
  10. Harold W. Kroto (Chemistry 1996)
  11. Michael Levitt (Chemistry 2013)
  12. Roger B Myerson (Economic Sciences 2007)
  13. Stanley B. Prusiner (Physiology/Medicine 1997)
  14. Richard J. Roberts (Physiology/Medicine 1993)
  15. James E. Rothman (Physiology/Medicine 2013)
  16. Dan Schechtman (Chemistry 2011)
  17. Randy W. Schekman (Physiology/Medicine 2013)
  18. Thomas C. Südhof (Physiology/Medicine 2013)
  19. Arieh Warshal (Chemistry 2013)
  20. Yuan T. Lee (Chemistry 1986)


Modeled after the Lindau Science Meeting which has been held in Germany for more than half a century, and the decade old Asian Science Camp (ASC) the WSCI will provide a unique platform for inspiration, dialogue and discussion between promising young talents and attending Nobel Laureates and Eminent Scientists. It will also help to develop international friendships and cooperation among students from all over the world and focuses on excellent 17-21 years old students.

Delegates From Nepal

Firoj Ghimire

Secretary, ASC Nepal

    Khagendra Acharya

    President, ASC Nepal

      Swaviman Acharya